Winter Musing

Sleep pattern disrupted. Wondering who is going to write the script for the Hallmark Movie based on the trumpshutdown. Premise: A woman owns an independent cozy tearoom in DC, specializing in a certain cookie she learned to bake as a child in a friend’s kitchen, a friend whose own grandchildren lived many states away. Business slows when government workers are furloughed but she can still rely on tourists who visit the museums as customers. Then the museums run out of funding and close. Enter interest of an international chain of restaurants. The chain’s chemists believe they have discovered the secret ingredients for the cookie, the chain has the money to outlast the trumpshutdown, and they send a rep to DC to try to buy the rights to the cookie, reminding the owner that they believe they can replicate it without her. Their plan is to start a cookie delivery service via robots that will deliver tea or coffee in reusable thermoses with a small burlap bag tied to them with twine containing ordered choices of brown sugar, cream, a lemon, or honey along with the special cookies. Angst and suspicion turn to love as the chain rep sits in the cozy tearoom and remembers the baking smells in his grandmother’s kitchen when he was allowed to lick the beaters. The rep’s grandmother comes to town, visits the tearoom, and becomes the fairy godmother with the purse who facilitates the romance and funds the delivery service using the original cookie, all the while allowing the rep to resign from the chain, the young couple to marry, and the three to run the expanded business from the original location. The movie closes as the three hang bunting on the shop and robots with a long line of customers in town to celebrate a replacement person in the Oval Office.

Ewww. Sickly sweet.

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